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About Deviant Artist Caelia Christianus LeaFemale/Germany Groups :iconrenaissanceassassins: RenaissanceAssassins
Requiescat In Pace.
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Distance, Ch. 1
-What's Done is Done
The winds howled and the waves crested hungrily around the ship. Julius, its captain and leader of the small Roma tribe that inhabited it, steered his sails. The storm would not swallow the galleon, humorously named Bakht, meaning luck in Persian-dialect Romani. He picked up the word while in the Persian Gulf, following Marco Polo's directions to the Orient.
Alba watched him from the captain's room where her maid Raffaela had prepared her for bed. The moment she exited her mother's womb he fell in love with her. What parent wouldn't?
"Her mother that's who," Julius muttered to no one in particular as a wave charged at the port side of Bakht. When it struck the galleon it teetered on the sea's surface, water rising to slap the Romani still on the main deck. He hated that woman; that damned Venetian noblewoman Allegra. Her public image was more important than her daughter. Soon after Allegra recovered from childbirth she hired Raffaela to take her place and paid Juli
:iconxxrikachan:xxrikachan 1 8
The Hangover by xxrikachan The Hangover :iconxxrikachan:xxrikachan 0 5
Natale Tarantella
-Natale Tarantella-
They perched on Florentine rooftops with bloodstained hands. She grinned when the guards turned around the wrong corner trying to find her and Ezio; instead they targeted an elderly man who was ready to stroke.
"Va bene. There goes another conspirator," Alba whispered softly to her partner assassin as she brushed her dark bangs from her eyes.
With a fixed gaze still on the scene they escaped, Ezio answered, "Ci sono ancora di più. There are still more."
"I know, I know. But don't you think we can…put that on halt for two days?" Ezio shot her an indignant look as if to say for him, 'Are you crazy?'
"Please? We've been at this for more than five years," Alba clasped her hands together in a prayer-like fashion. She habitually did this when she meant something urgent. "Just one Christmas? I would not ask for another."
She listened for some type of answer-anything, even if it was no-because he would take forever to think about things that delayed
:iconxxrikachan:xxrikachan 3 6
Alba Giuliana de Luca
Full name: Alba Giuliana de Luca
Nickname(s):  Albi, Caprina ("unpredictable")
Gender: Female
Species: Human, Roma
Age: Born in 1459, 17 in 1476.
Birthday: 8/10
Sexuality: Hetero
Relationship Status: Open
Nationality: Italian
City or town of birth: Vicenza
Currently lives: Monteriggioni
Languages spoken: Italian, Romani
Native language: Romani
Job: Accountant, Assassin
Religious beliefs: Traditional beliefs
Smoker?: N
Drinker?: Parties only.
Drug User? Which?:  N
Height:  170.18cm
Weight: 58.06kg
Figure/build: Lean
Hairstyle and colour: Black and to the shoulder blades
Eye colour: Tawny
Skin/fur colour: Tan
Tattoos: Assassin Insignia on R Shoulder Blade, Gypsy Rose on L wrist.
Scars: several minor
Piercings:  ears.
Preferred style of clothing:  courtesan dresses
Personality (and other stuff)
Personality:  She's blunt about most everything. She has a temper, but she recognizes-though she won't admit it-when s
:iconxxrikachan:xxrikachan 1 0
Roshni Ikram al-Hayfa
Full name: Roshni Ikram al-Hayfa bint Kareem al-Farsi
Nickname(s): Shirin ("sweet")
Gender: Female
Species: Persian Human
Age: 17 (born 1175)
Birthday: 11/12
Sexuality: Hetero
Relationship Status: Open
Nationality: Persian
City or town of birth: Tehran
Currently lives: Masyaf
Languages spoken: Arabic, Farsi
Native language: Farsi
Job:  Servant, Assassin
Religious beliefs: None, but her parents believed in Zoroastrianism.
Smoker?: N.
Drinker?:  N.
Drug User? Which?:  N
Height: 5'7"
Weight:  123 lb
Figure/build:  Slender
Hairstyle and colour: Dark Brown and Long
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Skin/fur colour: Copper
Tattoos: None.
Scars: Small ones. One large one on her thigh from a spider bite.
Piercings:  No.
Preferred style of clothing: No preference.
Personality (and other stuff)
Personality:  She's charismatic, but knows when to say what she feels. She doesn't like to be underestimated.
Likes: When ever
:iconxxrikachan:xxrikachan 0 7
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I wish I had Photoshop again...3:

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Lol. They're at random. And some are super weird. But most of them are normal. Usually the daily deviations and shiz I find.



Caelia Christianus Lea
It's Rika~! I know a couple of languages and I love cultures and history. I'm a Wiccan, but other religions I am open to. Have any requests? I wouldn't mind doing one for you. ^^

Current Residence: In my head.
Favourite genre of music: I can listen to anything that's good.
Favourite photographer: I can't remember his name, but I love that picture from before the Fire.
Favourite style of art: Anything that blows my thoughts out of perspective.
Operating System: Vista.
MP3 player of choice: No preference.
Wallpaper of choice: Something with Ezio on it.
Personal Quote: "Guess not."
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